Now I am back in Germany. After 14 months living, studying and working in sunny Spain, it was time for me in March 2015 to return to Germany. To finish my studies. To not forget about my German. There are not many reasons. I should finish my studies, before I choose my permanent abode. Where that will be – I don’t know yet. Even though I really liked living in Spain and though the quality of live was higher then the one in the city I am studying in.

It was hard, to get used to the German daily life again. It was all like before, I have classes in uni again and have to be there on certain times (on time, of course). And then there are the troubles with the language. I don’t need a lot to switch back into Spanish. And then I am thinking in Spanish and would love to answer in Spanish. But not many people understand Spanish here. And how often I was sitting here in the first couple of weeks and I had the answer in my head, in Spanish, and I first had to translate it into German…

During this year I built myself a new life, that I now had to leave behind. My friends, my choir and my ballet group. I also have everything in Germany. But somehow it is different, to have everything in German and to sing / talk in German. There are a lot of situations I am now noticing, which I wouldn’t have noticed before. I am now questioning things, that I always took for granted. There are some people who don’t really talk to me any more, because of that.

This blog shall serve as my platform to describe my thoughts, experiences, snapshots in Germany. I would like to try new writing techniques. To write about a certain topic and to see what I actually can do. During my ERASMUS I published about my experience there once a week and somehow something is now missing. I want to write again. Not especially about my daily life in Germany, as it is not as interesting, but to write about special situations to not forget about them. To help some people to learn a new language. Let it be German or English. I will publish everything in those two languages. So you can compare the articles and learn new colloquial language.


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