Halt! Stop!

Could someone please stop the time? This moment right now is so nice, that it shouldn’t pass!
How often I already had those moments. You sit comfortably on the sofa at a friends house, you have a nice conversation, additionally to that you are drinking a glass of wine and then there is the moment, when someone has to leave. Is this necessary? I would rather sit here and stay in this cosiness and absorb this moment. It will never come back like this.

The only thing, that makes me leave those jam-jar-moments is the thought, that there will be new ones. There are new moments. Maybe nicer ones as the one I am currently leaving. But before I have to step out of this moment and start “new”.

I am lying in the sand. The sun is shining unto me. I can hear the laughter of my friends around me. They are just coming back from swimming in the sea and start talking about the jellyfish they had seen. We know each other well. We start to talk nonsense and the weirdest stories start to form. This is one of those jam-jar-moments. Catch it for eternity and then take it with you. To get it out in case of bad mood or bad weather to sniff it. To have the possibility to get right back into this moment.
The only thing, that remains of this day is the sand trickling out of the towel and the clothes unto the floor. In the flat the sand is bothering me. But it also makes me smile, as it was a nice day.


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