Childhood Dreams

The world around me is turning. I only see my teacher blurred. My full concentration is directed to turn the head in the right moment, to keep the point on the wall fixated. Additionally, I hear from my teacher, to hold the arms higher. The leg should be turned out a bit more. Shoulders down.
It’s always full concentration during this one hour of ballet class.

I actually wanted to start dancing when I was a child, but it was too expensive. So I had to wait, until I could pay the lessons myself. I know, that I won’t be able to dance professionally. But deep inside me, I still wish it to be possible. And then I ask myself, how everything would have been, if I would have started ballet as a child. Would I travel the world to dance on all famous stages? Would I be contracted from a famous company? Would I still have the love towards dance inside of me or did the love vanish over the years and I wouldn’t be dancing anymore?

Was it especially for the love towards dance the right decision to start dancing with 20? With an age, in which I know about the consequences and in which I know exactly, what I want and can and where I want to lead my body to?

There are so many moments in daily life, where I just start dancing a few steps from ballet. My friends already know that. I think, for me it was a good decision to start dancing that late, to still be able to dance with passion and joy.


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