Last week I visited a concert from Saltatio Mortis, one of my favourite bands. I have never seen them live and was surprised, that they were coming to a place close to where I am living, so that I could actually see them. It was unbelievable. The songs were smoothly intertwined, and the atmosphere was awesome. I could even perfection my technique of jumping and drinking beer at the same time.

It has been a long time since my last concert (the last one was in December – Korpiklaani) and I have rarely seen this much joy on stage. During the show the musicians did jokes with each other, they goaded each other and just like that they transmitted a joy for music, it was unbelievable. Additionally we had the chance to listen to some songs for their new album, which I am now unpatiently await.

The next concert visit to a SaMo-concert is already getting planned, but before November it won’t happen. How lucky, that I have some other concerts, that will “help” me over this time. 😉

And so you can get a small impression of the band: One of the played songs:


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