Travel through time

I open the book. I start laughing, grinning, and get sentimental. I turn the page over and more feelings are coming up. They are nice memories, that are getting called upon. The comments, that I wrote next to it ages ago, are still funny. They help giving the book a bit of content and understanding.

Always, when I get homesick for Valencia, Guatemala or Ireland (I lived in all those countries for quite some time) I open the responding photo album. There are a lot of beautiful pictures. A lot of scenery, less people, althought this changes in the latest photo albums. I lived and loved those moments, that’s why they made it into the photo album. And I am glad, to have those pictures on paper, to be able to flick through those memories. Many asked, why I didn’t upload it somewhere to let it be printed to a book. But I prefer to cut the pictures, think about the order and to create a small masterpiece in the end, that is able to set me back in time.

It helped me after coming back to Germany, to finish with the time I had abroad. To rethink all the nice memories. And later it helps to help me remember about the memories. It’s like a jam-jar moment inbetween two book covers.

And they are really small travels through time. When I look at them with people, who where there with me, there is always a lot to laugh about, as one can’t remember one certain moment and you are recalling how it was in this certain moment. Sometimes it is nicer to be able to hold something in your hands.


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