Language Dilemma

I am sitting in the room. Next to me are other people. In front of us stands a woman. They are all talking. But I can’t understand anything. I have the urge to answer in Spanish, but can keep it suppressed and answer in English. But what exactly am I actually saying? I repeat, what the woman is saying, what it means I have no clue about. But I want to find it out. I want to learn this language.

That’s how I had my first Japanese class in April. I was just recently back from Valencia. I had 24 hours to get used to German again and then I had my first Japanese class. The first lesson of the course I already missed. That’s why I was a little behind, but I was able to catch up. In the moment I can understand basic things in Japanese. I can understand some words. But I am still unable to really communicate what I really want. But, as I hope, that will change. I also got to know the other people in the course over the last couple of months. We are all really excited about the language and would love to travel all together to Japan to study Japanese at our partner university. But unfortunately, there are only two places available and so, only two will go.

To learn a new language to me is to dive into the culture. Just like that, one understands about the grammar, about word orders, about words in general, about translations from that language into German. There is nothing more interesting than all that. Additionally you constantly get a lot of information about the country. And again, another country made it onto my travel list. I would like to be able to talk with the people there. In a language, in which they can express their hopes, dreams and goals, without having to search for the right wording. Right now this goal will still take some time, but I have a goal and I think, it is possible. To be able to talk and read Japanese in a proper way, so that natives can understand me.

Well… In the next course I will already understand a bit more then in the first.


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