Since Wednesday I am finished with all of my exams for this semester and it is a really weird feeling. During the semester I always had something to do, mostly learning one of the languages I started learning with either grammar, vocabulary or signs. It was so integrated into my daily life, that I preferred to learn new words rather watching a film.

After I got tested in the languages, I had to study for the other exams. Additionally I worked and kept up all my free time activities, to have breaks from learning. But now, after the last exam on Wednesday, I hadn’t had anything to study for, neither had I to work and I literally hadn’t had to do anything and I was so confused by not knowing what to do.

I tried to watch a film, but after 20 minutes I got bored and wanted to do something more useful. I was lucky and my flat mate asked me, if I wanted to join her for a round of climbing. But if she wouldn’t have asked, I still wouldn’t know, what to do.

Slowly, after two days of adjusting, I come up with my own ideas of what I could do this day. I started to read again and the number of unread books is getting less. I have time to play the guitar again, which is pretty awesome. And I invested a lot of time to plan the next two months, of which I won’t be in Germany for four weeks. The summer is going to be exciting =).


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