Summer. Sun. The smell of sunscreen. Sunburn. Lying at a lake. Having time. Discovering new things. To experience new things. Live for the moment. Different languages. Music. Laughter. To spend time with friends.

This, to me is summer. And even a lot more. This summer I haven’t got planned as much stuff as the ones before. Although, it still is a lot. In the moment I have the advantage, to have no university for two complete months and I can do whatever I like in this time. Before I start working in a (real) job, I will use this time completely. Many think I am crazy. Two years ago I did a Work and Travel in Ireland. Last year I visited home in Germany. This year I am going to learn Portuguese and I will learn, how to sail on a three-master. Especially the sailing is THE highlight of the summer.

I don’t know, whom I will meet, but I will get to know new people. Discover new things. Learn something new. Learn a new language. Get to know a new culture (although the diving in won’t work as well this summer). And I will discover, if I am seaworthy. If I am, I have a big dream, that will come true after my course.

Actually, I had the plan to visit all my friends in Spain again, but somehow it is not working this year. My friends are travelling during the time I could have been there and without them it will get quite boring. So, I searched for something else.

I hope, you all will also have an unforgettable summer and can take as many wonderful moments out of it as possible.


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