Fado, Beach and Portuguese

Two weeks in Portugal. For two weeks four hours a day of Portuguese. Two weeks full of new impressions, that are really hard to put into words. For two weeks I had the possibility to get to know wonderful people. Some of them turned into good friends. It was an adventure.

Around 1.5 years ago I decided, to come back to Lisbon, to have more time to discover the city. And then there was the possibility to join the language course organized by the university of Lisbon. It couldn’t have been any better.

For two weeks I learned Portuguese and I would say, I can communicate with the people. I can understand the people and I can at least say what I want. A language course directly in the country where the language is spoken is so much more (at least to me) then a language course in Germany. You have to talk the language and search for the right words.

Every day was full of different stuff. City sight seeing, language exchanges, to talk more Portuguese, and just the moments where I got to know the people better.

I got inspired. By music; especially by Fado and I am enthralled by it. I got the chance to visit a free concert and during the concert I got enchanted by Fado. The melodies, the artistic effortlessness, the team work in between the musicians and those magic moments, that even made the singer get goose-pimples and made her cry (in a good way). It’s just incredible.

The expectation to go swimming in the ocean, just to get to know the beach is not suitable for swimmers, but only for surfers, as it would be too dangerous for swimmers.

There were so many impressions, so many great moments and there are going to be more. I can’t get Lisbon out of my head and as I learn Portuguese better in Portugal, I have to return.


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