Underneath green sails

It was: unbelievable, breathtaking, beautiful, dreamy, overwhelming. But after all, words can’t really describe it.

This feeling, to stand at the rail and just be able to see water. Sometimes there is another ship at the horizon. When the dolphins decided to joins us for a few miles. Not only we had our fun watching them swimming right next to us, they also had their fun doing it. Then there is land in sight, but before you actually notice the land, you see whales, or at least their backs and fins.
The night sky with all those stars is tremendous. There are so many stars, you can’t imagine on land. This feeling of freedom, when you climbed up into the rig – and the tremendous view from up there. You can see really far, but there is seldom anything else to see – water, and if you’re lucky and up in the right moment, the marine fauna.
The moment, in which you realised, that the strangers on board have become your friends and you are dreading the moment, in which you have to say good bye. In ten days you get to know the people. Because you are living and working in a minimalistic space together. Friendships and bonds, that won’t break that easily any more.

To leave the ship again is hard. I just got used to all of it. I don’t get lost on my errands any more. And there is this feeling, to join for another adventure on the ship, to get to know new people, to gain new experiences to learn more about the ship and how it is actually working. And all that underneath green sails, of course. To sail on board of the Alexander von Humboldt 2 was a dream of mine. Since February I wanted to join and learn how to sail. It still is a dream of mine. I got infected by the green virus, which infects most fellow passengers and makes us all come back, as you can’t get rid of it.


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