Grey weather and a lot of rain. That makes autumn really uncomfortable. But then again, there are so many nice things, that make autumn beautiful.

The colourful leaves in the trees. The sunshine and the cold at the same time and additionally to that the wonderful light, while driving through the forest. With every step a rustle underneath the shoes. And even more beautiful it gets, when driving with the bike through all the foliage and fallen branches.
The animal kingdom is changing. Birds are flying southwards and to watch the birds gathering and flying away cost me a lot of time during the last weeks.
It’s getting dark early, which makes life a bit mysterious. Behind every bush something could be hiding and so I take more notice while driving through town or the park. And there are animals, that you can’t see as often during summer time. In the last weeks I have heard and saw a lot of bats. An owl crossed my way one night. Autumn is beautiful!

Even though it’s often grey, the positive thing is, that it’s not raining. And if it is raining once in a while, I still can hide in my bed with a good book and a hot chocolate beside me. And once again it is comfortable to listen to the rain falling against my window.


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