Fears of a Sailor

It’s starting again. Green sails, only the sea around to look at. A good friend of mine is also here with me. Nothing can go wrong. We are full of motivation and are patiently awaiting our fellow sailors. The time of the boarding comes and goes, tourists are standing at the pier and asking for information about the ship, which we are happy to provide. But, where are the other sailors? We can’t sail the ship on our own. The captain is on board, a mate joins him and the cook tries to keep us happy with cake.
We have to reach the next harbour, so it gets decided, that we are able to it with such a small crew and start our journey. We haven’t expected that, but we are still full of motivation and somehow it is going to work.

In the next moment the ship is fully occupied, we are “sailing” with all available sails. But actually we are not moving forward, as no wind at all is blowing. We are standing on one spot. The captain and the mates are out of ideas, what else we could do during this calm. So we try to keep ourselves happy and talk about our lives, our dreams and hopes, we are singing shanties and start spinning a sailor’s yarn. If we will ever reach the next harbour is written in the wind.

Both are scenarios, that didn’t happen like that, but filled my head during bed time. Like so often, my brain tried to visualize my fears. My fears of a sailor – to that they will never become reality!


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