Magic of books

My head passes the surface. I take a deep breath in and breath out again and realise, that nothing has changed in the outside world. It is still grey outside, the cocoa is still steaming and the rain knocks on my window.

Although I didn’t leave the room, I came from far away. Again I finished a book, and it makes me a bit sad, to realise that I will never be able to read that book for the first time ever again. I now know, how it will finish, I know, which changes are going to happen and I know, that I can’t start any book now.
The next book has to fit into the moment. That’s why I still not now, if I should really start a new book, or take a break from reading.

As I can’t decide right now, I first drink the cocoa and eat a piece of chocolate. I still have time, as the stories in books are not running away and won’t change as quickly.


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