Time Management

To plan time is not as easy as I always thought. Something is always happening. And if there is this new and continuous task appearing in your life, this filigree framework you worked out is beginning to shake.

In the last couple of weeks I tried to reconstruct this framework and while doing that try to include all the things that are important to me. Not an easy task, to decide between important tasks, which have to be definitely done and between others, that can get kicked off the list.
In the past I always thought that the books are taking it a step too far from reality, with all their prioritising, cutting off tasks and to have a not too tough time-table. But in the end I did exactly that. Unknown. But maybe not.

This new concept about my time works pretty well. I get along with it and I even got some time to write again. That, what’s important to me, will always get it’s place back in my life =).


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