Time Management

To plan time is not as easy as I always thought. Something is always happening. And if there is this new and continuous task appearing in your life, this filigree framework you worked out is beginning to shake.

In the last couple of weeks I tried to reconstruct this framework and while doing that try to include all the things that are important to me. Not an easy task, to decide between important tasks, which have to be definitely done and between others, that can get kicked off the list.
In the past I always thought that the books are taking it a step too far from reality, with all their prioritising, cutting off tasks and to have a not too tough time-table. But in the end I did exactly that. Unknown. But maybe not.

This new concept about my time works pretty well. I get along with it and I even got some time to write again. That, what’s important to me, will always get it’s place back in my life =).


Magic of books

My head passes the surface. I take a deep breath in and breath out again and realise, that nothing has changed in the outside world. It is still grey outside, the cocoa is still steaming and the rain knocks on my window.

Although I didn’t leave the room, I came from far away. Again I finished a book, and it makes me a bit sad, to realise that I will never be able to read that book for the first time ever again. I now know, how it will finish, I know, which changes are going to happen and I know, that I can’t start any book now.
The next book has to fit into the moment. That’s why I still not now, if I should really start a new book, or take a break from reading.

As I can’t decide right now, I first drink the cocoa and eat a piece of chocolate. I still have time, as the stories in books are not running away and won’t change as quickly.


Since Wednesday I am finished with all of my exams for this semester and it is a really weird feeling. During the semester I always had something to do, mostly learning one of the languages I started learning with either grammar, vocabulary or signs. It was so integrated into my daily life, that I preferred to learn new words rather watching a film.

After I got tested in the languages, I had to study for the other exams. Additionally I worked and kept up all my free time activities, to have breaks from learning. But now, after the last exam on Wednesday, I hadn’t had anything to study for, neither had I to work and I literally hadn’t had to do anything and I was so confused by not knowing what to do.

I tried to watch a film, but after 20 minutes I got bored and wanted to do something more useful. I was lucky and my flat mate asked me, if I wanted to join her for a round of climbing. But if she wouldn’t have asked, I still wouldn’t know, what to do.

Slowly, after two days of adjusting, I come up with my own ideas of what I could do this day. I started to read again and the number of unread books is getting less. I have time to play the guitar again, which is pretty awesome. And I invested a lot of time to plan the next two months, of which I won’t be in Germany for four weeks. The summer is going to be exciting =).