Working Life

A boy and a girl enter the ice cream parlour. They are shy, and are not looking at each other. He lets her choose, where to sit. It seems to be the first date of them. He orders first, looks at her expectantly to hear, what she is ordering. He starts talking and speaks about his heroic deeds in school. Slowly, she is getting rid of her shyness and starts to laugh about his jokes. And also starts to talk about school stuff. In the beginning only short stories, but after a time, they get longer, as she gets braver. The whole time he looks at her fascinated, but she is still a bit shy and isn’t brave enough to look at him. But he is listening carefully to everything, she is saying, is interested in what she is saying. It seems to be the beginning of something big. As they leave, he pays for her and together they leave the ice cream parlour.

Stories like that I watched and observed a lot over the last couple of weeks. To earn a bit of money, I worked in an ice cream parlour. Some faces you see every day, and you already know, what they are going to order or what flavour they are going to ask for, but that we still not have in the moment.
Constantly you look in happy faces, and it is really fun to imagine their individual story or to follow parts of it during work time.

The high season is over, today I had my last work day and I won’t see as many happy faces as before. The work showed me, that my city is a lot more diverse, than I always thought it to be. There are so many different people and until now I only knew a small percentage of them. I still don’t know them, but I have seen the possibilities, this city has and how many faces it has.


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